Online Check-In
How does the Online Check-In mobile & web experience benefit my client(s)?

The Online Check-In process offers your clients an improved design and streamlined flow. Clients will be asked to enter fewer data fields and can apply information, like credit card data, to multiple parties on their reservation. These improvements help your clients move through the check-in process faster and easier.
What are the differences between the Mobile App and

  • Azamara App (available only on PursuitSM)
    • Scan Travel Documents / Information automatically uploaded
    • Add security photos
    • Convenient Mobile boarding pass
    • Manually enter travel document information
    • Add security photos
    • Print boarding passes
    • Standard boarding at all ports
If my clients are interested in checking-in to an upcoming cruise, what are the steps to complete this process?

Your clients can download the Azamara App if sailing with Pursuit or go to New users will be asked to create an account first. Clients will find their reservations under the “Upcoming Cruises” tab. To start or continue the check-in process, clients will click “Start check-in” next to the reservation for which they wish to check-in.
When can my client(s) check-in prior to their cruise?

Your clients can complete the check-in process from 90 days to 72 hours prior to their sail date. If your client misses the check-in window, they have the option to check-in upon arrival at the pier.
Who is eligible to complete the check-in process?

To complete the check-in process, clients must be at least 21 years of age. Adults traveling with minors have the ability to check-in any client under the age of 21, as long as the reservations are linked. The Cruise Ticket Contract can be accepted for all clients completing the checked-in process.
How many reservations can a client check-in?

A client can link their account with up to 4 additional reservations that they are traveling with. They can then complete the check-in process and Cruise Ticket contracts for everyone. If there are more than 5 guests traveling together, the additional members will need to be checked in from another account. Please note once a reservation is linked, a reservation cannot be unlinked.
Can my client(s) edit information, such as “Guest Details”, after check-in is complete?

Yes, clients can click “Update check-in/Boarding Pass” next to the reservation they’d like to update. Those who have printed their Boarding Pass would then need to reprint.
What if my client’s First/Middle/Last Name appearing during check-in do not match their travel documents?

For successful check-in, the client’s full name must match their legal travel documents. If they do not match, it is important that the necessary edits be made to their reservation to ensure all areas match accordingly.
How is Travel Document information populated?

In the Azamara app, simply take a photo of the Travel Document to “scan” it in. On, the drop-down menu for “Document Type” is dynamically populated based on guest’s Citizenship and Itinerary.
Is providing a photo mandatory during check-in?

No, clients can opt to provide a photo during check-in or, upon arrival at the port, a picture will be taken.
Is my client required to set up an onboard expense account during check-in?

During the check-in process, each client must select one of the following options: Credit Card, Cash, or No Charging Privileges. A single payment method may be used for everyone in the reservation or a separate payment method can be set up for each individual.
Is it required that all clients within a reservation be checked-in at the same time?

No, the client completing the check-in process has the option to check-in for all at one time or each client individually at different times.
Where can I go to see my clients' eDocs & Bag Tags?

Your clients' eDocs and bag tags can be viewed via & Espresso. In Espresso, log-in to the reservation, select Cruise Ticket Documentation under the Manage section. eDocs can also be found by hovering over the Booking Tools tab in, then click on Travel Documentation and enter the reservation number.
Who should my client(s) contact if they need further assistance regarding Online Check-In?

To reach our contact center, please call 1 (877) 222-2526. Hours of operation are: Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 9:30 pm EST; Saturday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm EST; Sunday closed