Through our global community consciousness and commitment to wellness, we are implementing new standards with our Explore Well at Sea program to ensure a healthy return to exploring from our boutique hotel at sea.


Your clients, our mutual guests, will embark on a future sailing knowing we’ve enhanced our health and safety standards through our Explore Well at Sea program. With the help of our team of medical and science experts, you can expect advanced screening protocols, enhanced sanitation measures, and innovative medical services — to name a few. Given the environment, we are continually evaluating these protocols and updating them as public health standards evolve. You, and your clients, can rest assured, you’ll have our most updated program well before your sail date.


Whether guests are offshore exploring or onboard enjoying our boutique hotel at sea, our commitment to community consciousness and personal wellness will deliver the peace-of-mind and safety you need when it comes to traveling within our new world.


To learn more, visit the comprehensive Healthy Cruising hub on This site was designed with you – our valued Travel Partners – in mind, offering detailed information on our enhanced protocols, helpful on-demand training sessions, and turn-key marketing assets to help you promote healthy cruising to your clients.

How We Plan to Cruise Safely

Vaccine Requirement

  • Fully vaccinated crew
  • Guests must show proof of vaccination to sail

Testing & Screening

  • Testing for all crew and guests
  • Boarding day screening
  • Symptoms reporting
  • Medical evaluation

While Onboard

  • Mask Recommendations
  • Psychical Distancing
  • Cleaning Protocols

Air Filtration

  • 100% fresh, filtered air in staterooms & public areas
  • HVAC in guest & crew rooms, public spaces & medical spaces
  • Layered, fine-particle filtration

Medical Capabilities

  • Medical center enhanced with staff and equipment
  • Dedicated infectious control officer on every ship
  • Onboard testing capabilities
  • Telehealth support
  • Multi-level response plan
  • Commitment to safe and timely return home

While Ashore

  • Port selection criteria
  • Tour provider wellness screenings
  • Community case data monitoring
  • Government relations for safe communities

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to take a SARS-CoV-2 test before I cruise?

We will be guided by the local Ministry of Health to determine if SARS-CoV-2 testing will be required for guests. Closer to your sail date, we’ll provide clear direction should testing be required. Please note many governments and certain airlines require proof of a negative SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test no more than three days before entry or flight departure.

In addition to a test, will I need to show proof of vaccination on embarkation day?

Azamara will require all guests 18 and older and crew to be fully vaccinated no later than 14 days prior to departure. Both doses will be required or approved single-dose vaccines. Vaccines must be accepted by the World Health Organization and guests will be required to show verified documentation at check-in.

Verified documentation should be in the form of the original vaccination record document issued by either (1) the country’s health authority that administered the vaccination (e.g., U.S. CDC’s Vaccination Record Card) or (2) the guest’s medical provider that administered the vaccination.

What if I or someone in my part is not able to receive a vaccine?

We understand that receiving a COVID-19 vaccine may not be a possibility for some guests because of medical restrictions or other personal reasons. While we value each of our loyal guests, Azamara is responsible for the collective safety and wellbeing of all who sail aboard our vessels and therefore, at this time, we are unable to accommodate any guest who cannot be vaccinated. Azamara will continue to monitor recommendations by global public health experts.

Will you provide any personal protective equipment onboard?

Each guest will be provided with a mask upon arriving in their stateroom. However, we encourage you to pack and wear your own face masks to ensure you’re comfortable with the mask and it fits properly. Around the ship, you’ll find we’ve increased Purell® hand sanitizer stations. Gloves will be provided to our crew members who require them in their roles, and guests are welcome to bring their own.

What are your cleaning and sanitization standards on the ship? What guidelines apply, and how do you know they are sound? How is the crew trained to implement them effectively?

In compliance with strict standards set by the CDC, our ships have always been maintained using the most rigorous cleaning regimens. Now, with guidance from our Healthy Sail Panel, we’ve evaluated every element of our cleaning protocols and enhanced those regimens to meet medical-grade standards. All ships are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to every voyage, consistently and frequently throughout your sailing, with disinfecting cleaning agents and techniques that have been certified by health authorities as effective against SARS-Cov-2 (coronavirus). All chemicals are EPA-certified, alcohol-based, and safe for the general population. All stateroom and housekeeping attendants will be continuously trained on the latest sanitization guidelines.

How is air circulated and filtered onboard? Is the air safe onboard a cruise ship?

With new HVAC filtration systems, the air you breathe indoors aboard each of our boutique-style ships is comparable to the fresh sea air you can take in while relaxing on deck. The incoming air from outside passes through a 2-stage filtration and then over the anti-microbial copper cooling coils before it enters the inside spaces on a ship. We have also committed to changing the filters at twice the frequency recommended by the manufacturer for added quality protection.

Do I need to quarantine / isolate before the cruise?

For your safety and the safety of your fellow guests and crew, we strongly recommend that in the week leading up to your departure date, you monitor yourself for symptoms and engage in healthy COVID-19 prevention practices, as outlined by U.S. CDC.

What is I am not feeling well in the days leading up to my cruise?

If you feel ill in the days before your cruise, you should not travel, and should contact us to reschedule your reservation. If you booked your cruise on or before May 31, 2021, you will be protected by the Cruise with Confidence policy. Therefore, you can cancel for any reason, up to 48 hours before your sail date, and receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit. Keep in mind, on boarding day, all guests will be required to show a negative result, their completed Guest Health Questionnaire via the Azamara App, and obtain a temperature screening at the terminal reading below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as a possible secondary health screening. A positive test result, or documented symptoms of communicable disease during these screenings will result in denial of boarding.


For more information, please view the below resources:

We’re continually monitoring public health guidelines and will update policies as new information becomes available and standards evolve. Booked guests will be advised of the latest requirements before their voyage.